Álbum de Arte "Mulheres Saramaguianas"

Ana Romãozinho, Graça Morais, Joana Villaverde, José de Guimarães, Manuel João Vieira, Miguel Januário

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  • Screen print and Intaglio
  • Total Size: 70 x 50 cm
  • Date: 2022
  • 100 units
  • Ref.: PS36382


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Special edition included in the celebrations of José Saramago's centenary edited in partnership with the José Saramago Foundation.

Composed of six unpublished serigraphs and engravings by Portuguese artists, accompanied by texts by female writers, also unpublished, about six female characters of the Portuguese Nobel Prize. Works signed by the artists and writers.


José de Guimarães and Lídia Jorge — Blimunda
Miguel Januário and Dulce Maria Cardoso — Gracinda Mau-Tempo
Graça Morais and Ana Luísa Amaral — Joana Carda
Ana Romãozinho and Adriana Lisboa  — Maria Sara
Manuel João Vieira and Djamilia Pereira de Almeida — morte
Joana Villaverde and Ana Margarida Carvalho — mulher do médico


Artistic curator: Ana Matos  

Commissioner for the centenary José Saramago: Carlos Reis





Taking inspiration from six female characters or symbolic entities from José Saramago, six prestigious artists created unprecedented serigraphs and engravings which, in turn, also served as a theme for the texts of notable Portuguese writers. The highlight, in this set of great plastic and poetic value, goes to: Blimunda(Memorial do Convento) played by José José; by Guimarães (screen printing) and Lídia Jorge, Joana Carda(A Jangada de Pedra), seen by Graça Morais (screen printing) and Ana Luísa Amaral, Gracinda Mau-Tempoin the expression of Miguel Januário (engraving) and Dulce Maria Cardoso, Maria Sara< /strong>(History of the Siege of Lisbon) by Ana Romãozinho (serigraphy) and Adriana Lisboa, death(The Intermittences of Death) by Manuel Jo&atilde ;o Vieira (engraving) and Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida and doctor's wife(Essay on Blindness and Essay on Lucidity), by Joana Villaverde (engraving) and Ana Margarida Carvalho. The result is a unique set that crosses different generations and artistic sensibilities, providing a new look at the fictional universe of the Nobel Prize winner for Literature. 

Bringing together six works of art and six texts in 70x50 cm format, all numbered and signed by the authors in a century-old print run of just 100 copies. The album, with careful manual binding, is; a valuable testimony and unique object, which will certainly enrich your career. your contemporary art collection.

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