Juan Sebastián Carnero

Juan Sebastián Carnero

Juan Sebastián Carnero (1981, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is na artist and an

etching college professor at Buenos Aires.

He studied at Gutenberg Foundation – Argentina –, at the Visual Arts Institute of Lomas - Zamora – and at IUNA – College Institute of Nacional Art.

He exhibits his work since 2001 both in his country and internacionally. In 2014 he featured in the 35th Congress of ex-librists in Terragona – Spain. He´s a researcher of color management in engraving and embossement.

He’s won numerous prizes of wich we highlight the Museum Petorutti aquisition, the Artémio Alisio, the Sivorí and the Roverano prize. He’s shown many solo exhibitions in Argentina, Spain and Portugal. He was part of dozens of collective exhibitions as well. He’s works have been selected to be part of argentinian, chinese, danish, spanish, french, italian, mexican, panamese, portuguese, romenian, russian and tawanese’s art showings.

Part of he’s work can be found in Argentina, Austria, Catalonia, Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerlad and USA’s art collections. He’s created engravings and illustrations in Germany, Poland and Serbia.

He’s lead engraving and ex-libris courses in Barcelona, Catalonia and Galicia (Spain),Valparaíso (Chile), California (USA), Oporto and Lisbon (Portugal).

In February, 2019, he was one of the artits invited by Body & Soul - Berlin Artist Magazine to create an art peace to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the John Lennon’s song “Give Peace a Chance”.