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Engrácia Cardoso

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  • Screen print
  • Fabriano Tiepolo 290gr Paper
  • Image Size: 69x62 cm
  • Total Size: 83x70 cm
  • No. of Colors: 17
  • Date: 2023
  • 100 units
  • Ref.: S36689

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“The visibility of a landscape and the affective radiation that emanates from it are the sides of the same feeling, everything is interrelated. connected to the whole.”



Engrácia Cardoso (b. 1976), painter, engraver and award-winning artist, offers us today another page from her very particular inspired album of memories in this case through an emigration experience in Trás-os-Montes, involving a group of two women and several children who followed a trail between stones, weeds and vegetation; the wild, towards what they dreamed would be a liberating reality.

Reality becomes the starting point of an imagined nature, present in her silkscreen creations in a process that the artist herself describes: “In the face of a sovereign nature, the landscape is presented in a pictorial space (…). The creation has its expressive place giving emphasis to an interior and intimate aspect and also to an external aspect in relation to the escape (…).” From this dialogue between lived nature and a space fed by memories and fertile silences, the exuberance of the cut-out and colorful forms of this universe is born, in a game between the fine, Matissean lines and the patches of color, in bold overlaps, in a palette that harmonizes cold and warm tones highlighted by black.

The artist invites us once again, with her imagined flora, to the revisiting the lost paradise of a peace and happiness that predated the world. our civilization, and that should inspire it. The escape is here towards the; feast of the senses appealing to the regaining touch, flavors and perfumes, a lost joy, the most serious thing in life according to Mestre Almada. From the real to the imagination that is nourished from it to hatch into the palpitating forms of life and magical sensuality that we find today. given to appreciate.


Maria João Fernandes

AICA - International Association of Art Critics

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