Rui Horta Pereira

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  • Screen print
  • Fabriano Tiepolo 290gr Paper
  • Image Size: 40,5 x 27 cm
  • Total Size: 50 x 35 cm
  • Date: 2020
  • 50 units
  • Ref.: S36148

Edition in partnership with Galeria das Salgadeiras



A cosmic and original joy


A certain minimalism in the vein of Ângelo de Sousa characterizes the drawings, gouaches and watercolors presented by Rui Horta Pereira (b. 1975), in 2019 at the Fundaçãã elements that the artist considers fundamental: “place, line and space”. The works he created during an artistic residency in the Algarve are the result, in the artist's words, of the encounter between “the effect that the sun causes by burning the pigments of the paper” and the profiles of a stone “demultiplied” in compositions of intense chromaticism that are based precisely on the dynamics between spaces and lines, delimiting dynamic forms that seem animated with movement, a place of cosmic and original joy.


Maria João Fernandes

AICA - International Association of Art Critics







The screen printing result that is now revealed is: fruit – and the word is not go; – the encounter between the work I develop in collaboration with the effect that the sun causes, burning the pigments of the paper, and the challenge launched by Filipe Vasconcelllos to create a label for Morgado do Quintão in 2019. Thus, mediating this process, a stone was extracted from the territory and dissected into several “stratigraphic” profiles, in turn demultiplied, in compositions with a broad palette chromatic. You can It can be said that the visual result is It is the fruit of a maturation of time and which drinks its creative essence from it.


Rui Horta Pereira

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