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Márcio Ficko

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  • Screen print
  • Fabriano 5 GF 300gr Paper
  • Image Size: 60x40 cm
  • Total Size: 70 x 50 cm
  • No. of Colors: 13
  • Date: 2013
  • 200 units
  • Ref.: S1094

THE METAPHORS OF NATURE Márcio Ficko is part of an urban and post-modern culture that inspired his experience of Street Art and in this context, of painting murals with an emphasis on letters and for stylized shapes, later choosing other supports, such as canvas, wood, objects and paper. Geometric abstraction and opart identify his style and these screen printing compositions subtly evoke the shapes and elements of nature and where smooth colors and ascending rhythms stand out. Water blues, blood reds in autumnal earth colors, circles, small suns, trees, birds, miniature mountains and the rays of a light radiating from a center where they come together the metaphors of a poetic look connecting the Cosmos and the soul.

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