Os Lusíadas - Edição de Luxo

Álvaro Siza, Artur Bual, Cargaleiro, Eurico Gonçalves, Fernando Lanhas, João Cutileiro, João Vieira, José Rodrigues, Júlio Pomar, Júlio Resende, Lima de Freitas, Luís Pinto Coelho, Maluda, Mário Cesariny

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  • Screen print
  • Rives Classic 250gr Paper
  • Total Size: 35x28,5 cm
  • Date: 1994
  • 250 units
  • Ref.: PS001

 Book illustrated with fourteen serigraphs by renowned Portuguese artists, inspired by the Camonian theme, giving this edition a unique and unique feel. unique meaning, meaning and value.

- Texts from the first edition of the original work, maintaining the archaic spelling.

- Screen prints and texts printed on loose sheets manually sewn into a placket.

- Natural leather binding, with fire and gold engraving, with ribs on the spine.

- Edition numbered and signed by the artists


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