Solstício de verão

Joana Pitta

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  • Printed film and acrylic
  • Total Size: 52 x 52 cm
  • Date: 2022
  • 15 units
  • Ref.: ME36617

Vertical "blades" perpendicular to the background of the work invite several different readings according to the viewer's angle.


Frame included. Given the fragility of the work, we do not send it by mail. In-store pickup required.

The present works by Joana Pitta (b.1993, Lisbon) with a degree in sculpture and a master's degree in Multimedia Art, an artist published for the first time by the Centro Português de Serigrafía, were on display at FIG Bilbao - Festival de Bilbao art. They present, in an innovative technique, vertical “blades” perpendicular to the background of the works, inviting a reading from the viewer’s angle, an aspect that the artist has been exploring. The imperceptible border between figuration and abstraction is revealed in these veils that hide and reveal imprecise forms evoking the four elements and seasons, the cycles of the sun, the glow of summer and the shadows of winter. The kingdoms of water and air and those of earth and fire coexist in compositions with an abstract effect populated with fluid arabesques, a kind of subtle calligraphies of the visible that in them reflect the essentials of his disturbing tendency towards instability and metamorphosis.

Maria João Fernandes

AICA - International Association of Art Critics