Lisbon Rising - Série "Portuguese Murmurations"

Ken Rinaldo

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  • Digital Print
  • LS Cotton Radiant White 270gr Fine Art Paper
  • Image Size: 35,5x48 cm
  • Total Size: 42,5x55 cm
  • Date: 2015
  • 30 units
  • Ref.: ED35013



Ken Rinaldo (b. 1958) international exponent of the most recent avant-garde Bio Art that António Prates promoted and launched in Portugal, explores all the resources that new technologies offer to the world. contemporary art in unique interactive and robotic installations, presented in museums and international exhibitions. In his digital works inspired by microscopic details of living organisms from the plant world, he creates new forms of nature that escape the usual boundaries of the senses. In this series (produced at the CPS residence in Portugal) entitled “Portuguese Murmurations” The artist used images of the city of Lisbon and prominent figures from Fado as the basis for his work, giving shape to fascinating digital universes that, after all, have a greater kinship with an invisible reality than with the world of appearances. information from where they supposedly left.
Maria João Fernandes
AICA – International Association of Art Critics

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