Autotelematic Spider Bots A

Ken Rinaldo

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  • Screen print
  • Fabriano 5 GF 300gr Paper
  • Image Size: 46x46 cm
  • Total Size: 53,5x50 cm
  • No. of Colors: 8
  • Date: 2006
  • 25 units
  • Ref.: S0687A

Obra criada na âmbito do projecto Autotelematic Spider Bots, uma instalação robótica de vida artificial, que consiste em 10 esculturas "aranha" que interagem com o público em tempo real, auto modificando os seus comportamentos com base nas interações entre elas, com o espetador, o seu ambiente e a sua fonte de alimentação. 



Spider Robots

American Ken Rinaldo (presented in a recent exhibition at Galeria António Prates), creator of multimedia installations, moves in the area of intersection of art with biology, of "digital imaging". In the current series of digital prints in four color variants, the concerns that guide their aesthetics are clearly visible, in images where the organic and the inorganic enigmatically intersect , the animal world, nature and the world of objects and technology, at the origin of the current compositions related to the "Spider Bot's" project, a mix of a spider and a robot.

Maria João Fernandes


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