António Jimenez

António Jimenez

Born in 1945, in Malaga, where he attended the School of Arts and Crafts. In 1960 he moved to Madrid where he studied Drawing and Painting at the Athens Institute. 

His works have an evident spontaneous aspect and, as fundamental aesthetic characteristics, one can understand them. point out the construction of reliefs and color. However, Jiménez began his artistic career with Surrealism, the dominant current in Spain at the time. Influenced in the 50s and 60s by the groups Dau al Set and El Paso, he began to move towards material painting, focusing on surfaces and color to the detriment of representative forms. In an interview with Helmut Orpel, Jiménez will say; that paintings are natural beings, which explain themselves and which, deep down, do not require any explanation.< /p>

Antonio Jimenez passed away in 2011, aged 66.


Public Collections:

Museo Popular de Arte Contemporaneo de Villafamés, Castellón; Barcelona Modern Art Museum, Barcelona; Estrada Salardich Museum, Barcelona; Museo Español de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; Excma. Diputación Provincial de Málaga, Málaga; Jerusalem Museum, Israel; Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, Malaga; University of Malaga, Malaga; Excma. Diputación Provincial de Jaén; SalvadorAllende Traveling Museum; Fundación Banco Santander-Central-Hispano, Madrid; Picasso's Casa Natal Museum, Malaga; Unicaja, Malaga; Info Foundation Helan-Arts Bornen, Belgium; Banco de Santander; Deutsche Bank, Marbella; National Library, Madrid; António Prates Foundation, Ponte de Sor, Portugal; Luxembourg Bank, Luxembourg; Universidad Internacional De Andalucía, Seville