Era um pássaro alto

Nuno Teixeira

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  • Screen print
  • Fabriano Tiepolo 290gr Paper
  • Image Size: 26x26 cm
  • Total Size: 36x35 cm
  • No. of Colors: 8
  • Date: 2022
  • 100 units
  • Ref.: S36512

 Artistic director of magazines and newspapers, designer, Nuno Teixeira, creator of a multimedia publishing house, was already He is recognized with several international design and illustration awards. The artist now surprises us with a triptych inspired by the poetry of Cruzeiro Seixas. The screen prints now presented share the unsettling and lyrical atmosphere of what was a Master of Portuguese and European Surrealism and remains one of the exponents of Portuguese art of the 20th century. Against black backgrounds that evoke the depth of the unconscious, the enigmatic shapes of this universe of paradoxes are cut out, of couples that are entwined in the void, of chairs that fly and of birds “tied in the moonlight”. In which the animal kingdom adds wisdom to the world. This is the perplexity of the human, always led by love, to his chaotic and lunar world. Universe that we feel is that of the artist, he is also “surprised by his own mystery”, the guiding motif behind all these images.

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