Atlântico, Pacífico, Índico II

José de Guimarães

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  • Lithography
  • Image Size: 35 x 46 cm
  • Total Size: 50 x 59 cm
  • Date: 1998
  • 199 units
  • Ref.: EX0060

Reproduced in: José de Guimarães - Around the World, Graphic Work, Ed. INCM, Page. 237


José de Guimar´es is He is one of the exponents of contemporary Portuguese painting and an internationally renowned artist. The whole of its plastic expression is; It is marked by an aesthetic of fragmentation that has been asserting itself since the beginning of its career. The combinatorial game of colored shapes seems inexhaustible like the shapes of the world. The artist has always paid special attention to art. graphic work, giving it a notable quality. Painter, engraver, ceramist and pedagogue, he was born in 1921. At the Lisbon School of Fine Arts he studied architecture and painting. He exhibited individually from 1948 onwards. In 1960 he was awarded the Silva Porto prize from the SNI. Sá Nogueira, initially influenced by neo-realist aesthetics and coinciding with his stay in London, by the imagery of Pop art, evolved into a very free figuration close to poetic informalism It is marked by the dynamics of color, in contrasts of great sobriety and expressive value, punctuated by signs of plastic, sensitive and luminous writing.

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