Jorge Silva
Jan. 12, 2023

Jorge Silva

Guest Curator

Communication designer, Jorge Silva specialized in newspapers and magazines and was art director for Combate, O Independente and Público. A lifelong passion, editorial illustration has brought him many joys, awards, curatorships, and a blog, Almanaque Silva, where he tells stories from the history of Portuguese illustration. With the atelier Silvadesigners, founded in 2001, he invented a sardine that became the genuine image of Lisbon, the city where he was born 64 years ago. He compulsively collects illustration and his collection of originals and prints goes by the name of Biblioteca Silva, the basis for his most recent adventures as a researcher and curator.

As a guest curator, he tells us the reasons for his choices among the CPS collection of works:


"As a curator, I confess: my eyes light up when I recognize accomplices in graphic adventures, past and present, that reveal a secret corner of lives that I thought I knew well. The curatorship is skewed by these grateful reunions and by an uncontrollable eclecticism that mixes the illustrators of my heart with canonical talents that, if they don't frequent the walls at home, inhabit an imaginary museum of affections, with still room for unknown intriguers, of lines, colours and challenging metaphors. Noble and artisanal arts, indebted to ancient knowledge, whose miracle of multiplication takes place in a place named by precept, Rua dos Industriais."

Jorge Silva


Photo: André Santos


José de Guimarães, "Desenhos na Areia", Silkscreen Print


Cruzeiro Seixas, S/ Título, Engraving


Manuel João Vieira, "Morte" (Mulheres Saramaguianas), Engraving


Duarte Belo, S/ Título (Foz Côa), Photography


Francisco Vidal, "Prometeu Agrillhoado", Silkscreen Print


Leonel Moura, "Nova Amália", Silkscreen Print


Jorge Barrote, "Grabado", Engraving


Gabriel Garcia, Série "Silêncio", Engraving


Madalena Matoso, Série "Ler e Ver Lisboa", Silkscreen Print