Inspiration: Circle
Oct. 31, 2022

Inspiration: Circle

Movement, expansion and balance

"The circle is the synthesis of the great oppositions". This is how the famous artist and theorist Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) summarized the basic form that originates worlds, reinforcing "everything starts at a point".

Artists from different generations have explored the elemental form of the circle in dialogue with movement, expansion and balance.

This is the case with the expanding forms of Carlos Calvet (1928-2014), the energy and vitality of Sofia Areal (b. 1960), or the narratives of synthesis by Cristina Ataíde (b. 1951) and Ana Romana (b. 1973) and Susana Anágua (b.1976).


Carlos Calvet, Untitled, Screen Print


Sofia Areal, Untitled, Screen Print


Ana Romana & Susana Anágua, (CFB/RJ/146), Screen Print


The screen print (CFB/RJ/146) by Ana Romana and Susana Anágua explores the circular shape relating it to the moons or natural satellites of the Solar System that the artists referenced. Most of these natural satellites have a circular shape as we are used to seeing on the Moon, with some exceptions of irregular contours like Amalthea, natural satellite of Jupiter, or Deimos, natural satellite of Mars.


Cristina Ataíde, S/ Título, Screen Print


Marçal, "Levitation", Engraving


Marçal's vast work is perhaps the one that demonstrates the circle element most frequently within the CPS editorial collection, always associated with a poetic dialogue with nature and a rare and alchemical sensitivity to color, derived from his extensive experience as a master engraver.