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Feb. 25, 2021

Home Office

Art can be your best company

In the context of confinement, we had to create new routines, adapt the spaces in our homes, rethink our everyday life organization.

With the constraints associated with this adaptation, we realized that by "sharpening our ingenuity" we achieve solutions, if not ideal ones, at least the best within our reach and sometimes even surprising. And art proved to be an essential element to incorporate a certain state of mind in our workspaces: the peace and calm that we need to concentrate or a creative stimulus to motivate ourselves.

Here are some suggestions:


Digital print with painting by Pedro Calapez


Screen print by Branislav Mihajlovic


Screen print by Januário Jano


Screen print by Camilla Engman


Etching by Graça Pereira Coutinho



Linocut by Juan Carnero


Etching by Manuela Crespo