Jorge Barrote

Tempus Arbóreo

July 10, 2024 - July 21, 2024

CPS - Portuguese Screenprinting Center is pleased to present the exhibition “Tempus Arbóreo” by Jorge Barrote, which will open on July 10th, Wednesday, at 5pm, in the CPS gallery at the Centro Cultural de Belém.


Jorge Barrote is a talented visual artist with a relevant set of solo and group exhibitions. His work is marked by figuration with a fantastic and narrative character, inspired by surrealism, the occult and alchemy. With a notable career also in the advertising field, he was recently awarded the 2024 Career Award by the Clube de Criatividade de Portugal.


Barrote has been developing a very personal drawing technique that he explored at Atelier CPS over several months, in the engraving and lithography disciplines. In "Tempus Arbóreo", he invites us to discover a universe where transfiguration and metamorphosis are central themes.


“We sense in his work a dialogue with great literary classics such as Ovid's metamorphoses (transfiguration of men and mythological gods into animals, trees, rivers or stones), and with references from Western culture and painting such as Tiziano's Rape of Europa ( 1562) or Goya's Caprichos. It is fed by the myths and founding themes and symbols of the imagination, such as Eve, the serpent, evoking Paradise, the Bull, resonance of the Minotaur, the tree, symbol par excellence of knowledge and alchemical metamorphosis, and the sun, the active principle and masculine of a fundamental hermetic duality”, expresses critic Maria João Fernandes about the exhibition.


"Tempus Arbóreo" includes engravings and lithographs made at Atelier CPS, some of which are unpublished and presented here for the first time, as well as large-scale drawings within the same theme.


The exhibition runs until July 21st with free entry.



Jorge Barrote, plastic artist, advertiser, art director, creative director, worked his way through several market agencies, both national and multinational, having won There are several awards, the most recent being the 2024 Career Award awarded by the Clube da Criatividade de Portugal. He was a professor at the Restart and Etic communication institutes. ​He studied at IADE, attended ARCO and the National Society of Fine Arts. Works and lives in Lisbon.


He has participated in several exhibitions, of which the following stand out: 

STUDIOTEAMBOX, Individual Drawing Exhibition, Jardim do Bem e do Mal, 2017; MERCÁRT - THE ART CONTAINER, Group exhibition, 2017 and 2018; OCUPART 9:6, Collective exhibition, 2018; CCP - Clube de Criativos de Portugal, Collective exhibition, 2018; SALA AZUL NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HISTORY AND SCIENCE, Curated by Manuel Costa Cabral, Individual Drawing Exhibition - ÉDIPO VERSUS ELECTRA, 2019; CASA MUSEU MEDEIROS E ALMEIDA, Individual Drawing Exhibition - PART OF THE POEMA, 2020; ENCONTROS DA IDENTIDADE 3RD EDITION, Collective exhibition - SEXUALITY - Ana Pérez Quiroga, Rui Sanches, Ana Vidigal, Cristina Ataíde, Frederico Elias, Jorge Barrote, Jorge Martins, Margarida Alves , Marta Raimundo, Rui Sanches, 2021.



Tempus Arbóreo

Exhibition from 10 to 21 July 2024
CPS Gallery at Centro Cultural de Belém
Praça that of Império, Lisbon
Times: Every day, from 10am to 7pm