Roberto Chichorro was born in 1941 in Lourenço Marques, currently Maputo, Mozambique. He has worked as an advertising and architectural designer and as a pavilion decorator for international fairs in Mozambique. He designed set designs for shows and illustrated several books.


From 1982/85 he was a scholarship holder of the Spanish Government, in Madrid, for ceramics (Taller Azul) and zinc engraving (Óscar Manezzi). In 1986 he received a scholarship from the Portuguese Government, living in Portugal since that date and dedicating himself exclusively to painting.


Since 1967 he exhibits individually and in group shows, both in Portugal and in other European countries and in the PALOP.
Between 1973 and 2020 several Awards and several Honorable Mentions. In 2012 he was honoured at the multidisciplinary cultural event, PLAST & CINE, held by Editorial Novembro, in partnership with the Eixo Cultural do Douro.


He is referenced in several dictionaries of Portuguese painters and sculptors and in national and international art magazines. He is also the author of several book illustrations by African and Portuguese writers.


The colour, the vibration, the exuberance, the boldness, the inspiration, the unexpected, the adornment, the figurative, the register, the abstract, the freshness and the vigour are just a tiny part of the names that classify his vast work.