Bernard Rancillac

Bernard Rancillac

Bernard Rancillac was born in Paris, France, in 1931. He began exhibiting in 1956.

In addition to being an essential reference of the Narrative Figuration of the sixties (an aesthetic current inherited from American Pop Art), Rancillac also asserts himself as a pedagogue, with emphasis on the publication in 1991 of an influential essay entitled "Voir et Comprendre la Peinture".

Important references in his painting are the themes related to comic strips, whose hints of humour take us back to fierce criticism of the values of the consumer society. With a palette of flat, exuberant colours, Rancillac counterposes the intellectualised discourse that he refuses, the direct relationship of the work of art with daily life and its inevitable historical process. Hence, his work is so strongly politicized, so strikingly active and current. Bernard Rancillac, whose work has been the subject of important exhibitions and retrospectives, is represented in numerous foreign collections as well as in the most prestigious international museums.

Bernard Rancillac passed away on November 29th 2021 in Paris, France.