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Klaus Zylla orgulhoso das suas serigrafias

Pedro Calapez com Mestre Marçal

Manuel Cargaleiro com Mestre Marçal

Ivan Messac com o serígrafo Rui Alves

Jan Voss com Rui Marçal

Isabel Rasquinho e Manuel Gantes com Mestre Marçal

Gabriel Garcia

CPS Studio


Guided by quality, strict and authenticity criteria, CPS has been stimulating and giving the artists the necessary conditions to the conception, development and impression of their visual creations in CPS Studio. This space has traditional techniques – Screenprint, Engraving and Lithography – but also brand new ones – Photography and Digital Print.

The editions’ making-off involves not only the artist’s direct intervention, as well as the quality control of the final prints. Each work is numbered and signed by the artist to ensure the limited and unrepeatable feature, being afterwards stamped with a CPS seal to its final authenticity. Each edition has a up to 200 limited number of prints and its commercial value depends on the size, technical complexity and the artist’s consecration.

From the beginning of the project with the artist until its final conclusion there’s an extensive shared, slow and demanding creative process. The dialogue with each artist is an unforgettable work and passionate experience in order to transform each print in an artwork.