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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two different prices?

Every work presents a PVP (normal price) and a special Member Price. CPS Members benefit from a discount applied to PVP and to every single work, without exception. They have also the possibility to use their membership fees to get the prints at unique and exclusive values.


How do I become a CPS Member?

To become a CPS Member all you have to do is fill in the Membership Form. Please also read the Membership Conditions.


How can I consult my works history?

Once you’ve registered online, you can access your works history by introducing your login and password. If you’re a member you can also consult the paid fees and use them to choose your favorite prints from the website.


When an edition is sold out, can another one be made?

No it can’t, CPS editions are unrepeatable. The print’s matrix is destroyed in the end of the edition process. Engraving plates, for example, are drilled and scratched in order to avoid parallel editions unauthorized by the artist and by the editor.

What are the differences between the several original print techniques?

Click here to get detailed information on the different techniques.


Is Original Print considered an “original art work”?

Original Print is born from an image produced in a surface worked by the artist – as a stone or wood block, a copper plate or even a simple paper drawing – and becomes an original art work the print resulting from the surface the artist chose to be the base of his works creation. That print will be included in an unlimited and unrepeatable edition, numbered and signed by the artist, whose identity is reinforced by a CPS seal stamped on it.


What does it mean PA and HC?

PA (Prova de Artista) or Artist’s Proof identifies the prints made to the artist and are usually 10% of the global edition.

HC (Hors Commerce) comprises the prints made to the editor and are usually 10% of the global edition.

For example, an edition may have 100 prints + 10 PA + 10 HC.