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Adam James criando as suas serigrafias

Pedro Calapez assinando as suas gravuras no Atelier CPS

David de Almeida analisando a cor após impressão

Gracinda Candeias desenhando sobre uma pedra litográfica

Sofia Areal intervencionando as suas serigrafias

Joanna Latka trabalhando uma placa de gravura

José Pádua revelando uma prova de gravura


Through its own studio, CPS encourages and provides the artists with the necessary conditions to the conception, development and print of their visual creations. This space includes the most traditional techniques – Screenprinting, Engraving and Lithography - but also the recent ones – Photography and Digital Print. The artist is permanently involved in the editions’ making-off and quality control. From the definition of the project until its conclusion, there’s a whole shared, slow and very demanding creative process.  The dialog with each one of the artists is an unforgettable labour and passion experience, in order to transform each print into an art work.

The editions of CPS Fine Art Prints need not only the artists' intervention but also a precise quality control of each work. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist, ensuring its limited and single character, and then stamped with a CPS seal. The edition is limited to a maximum 200 prints and the commercial value depends on its size, technical complexity and artist quotation.