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Primeira litografia de Helena Abreu (pedra litográfica), 2001

CPS na Estampa - Salão Internacional de Obra Gráfica, Madrid

Primeira Serigrafia de Manuel Cargaleiro, 1985

Instalações da ala de Gravura e Litografia do novo Atelier CPS

Máquina de serigrafia no novo Atelier CPS

Exposição de Cruzeiro Seixas na nova Sede do CPS, 2005

Exposição de Mimmo Rotella na Sede do CPS, 2010

Brief History


CPS began with screenprint in 1985 and has edited, until now, more than 2000 works from national and foreign artists, including many important contemporary ones. Some Portuguese names are António Charrua, Artur Bual, Cargaleiro, Carlos Barroco, Carlos Calvet, Cesariny, Cristina Ataíde, Cruzeiro Seixas, Eduardo Nery, Eurico, Espiga, Fernando Lanhas, Francisco Simões, Harold Cohen, João Vieira, Júlio Pomar,Leonel Moura, Lima de Freitas, Maluda, Manuel Batista, Maria José Oliveira, Nadir Afonso, Noronha da Costa, Palolo, Pedro Tudela, Relógio, Resende, Vespeira and Xana, but CPS also edited screen prints from foreign artists such as Alcántara, Allen Jones, Canogar, Ciria, Gordillo, Erró, Jan Voss, Luís Feito, Miguel Chevalier, Monory, Pedro Castrortega, Peter Klasen, Reguera, Seguí and Velickovic.

In 1994, taking advantage from the creative richness of Portuguese engravers, CPS starts engraving editions, having produced, until now, more than 250 editions from artists such as David de Almeida, José Faria, Irene Buarque, Madalena Fonseca, Marçal, Maria Beatriz and Maria Tomás. Later, in 2001, and in order to preserve disused traditional print techniques and stimulate young artists' generations, CPS begins Lithography with a Helena Abreu work. In 2003 the first Digital Print shows up, along with Evelyn Hellenschmidt exhibition, and in 2005 a Carlos Calvet work starts Photography editions, enlarging artistic image universe.

CPS has been successful in maintaining its purpose by making Art more accessible to a growing number of enthusiasts.  An example of that are the following editions: The collections Art and Wine, Art and Poetry, Artist Books, Art and Time, the magnificent edition Os Lusíadas, the albums Fado, Dias de Seda, Vogal Viva, Oito Canções de Outono, O Mundo é Redondo or the ATA Album with the participation of 31 english and portuguese artists.



Since 1993, in order to keep closer to the public and show its editions and artists, CPS has attended the main dedicated art events in Portugal: Contemporary Art Fair, Marca, Feirarte, Engraving Biannual, Arte Estoril, Porto Arte and Arte na Leira.

Besides having members around the world, CPS is also represented in several international events such as Portugal Cultural Month (South Africa) and ARCO (Madrid). Since 1993 it is a frequent presence in Estampa, Madrid, one of the most important worldwide art fairs, where was awarded, in 2005, the Best Gallery Exhibitor, amongst 95 galleries from 14 countries.


From 2000 until now, CPS has been showing the work of renewed artists in its exclusive print exhibition spaces, giving dignity to this original kind of artistic expression. Amongst a wide range of artists, CPS has organised a lot of individual exhibitions: Antoni Tápies, Branislav Mihajlovic, Canogar, Carlos Calvet, Cruzeiro Seixas, Darocha, David de Almeida, Espiga, Esther Villalobos, Eurico, Gracinda Candeias, Helena Abreu, Humberto Marçal, Jan Voss, João Hogan, José Pádua, Joseph Beuys, Julio Castro, Júlio Pomar, Júlio Resende, Le Corbusier, Manolo Valdés, Mimmo Rotella, Nadir Afonso, Paula Rego, Picasso, Ronnie Wood, Salvador Dalí, Saskia Moro, Silva Palmeira and Xavier.

Regarding the countless thematic Group Exhibitions, it's fair to detach Art and Poetry, Bio Art, The Woman – the Shapes of Its World, Unexpected Seas, Surrealists – CPS Editions and Surrealists in CCB.



In 2003 a new print studio opened, CPS Atelier, located in the same street of the main gallery, offering the artists, in a Lisbon central area, better conditions to their creations.

With a group of highly specialized staff, it developed fine art print editions in domains such as screen print, engraving, lithography, and, more recently, extended its innovate activity to Photography and Digital Print.