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  • Portugal's President assigned First Honorary Member of CPS

    It is with great joy that we announce that on March 6th 2017, the title of First Honorary Member of CPS was assigned to The President of the Portuguese Republic, Prof. Dr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, as the highest representative of our collective cultural identity. The moment was celebrated with the delivery of the diploma and the offer of the first...
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    Humberto Marçal,
    Poet of Affections

    The Infinite Engraving of Humberto Marçal "Infinite engraver, Master Marçal has been a generous, dialoguing and wise communicator of knowledge to the younger generations of artists at CPS. As a man of values and poet of affections, he has recently held an exhibition with an enormous significance in Setúbal, the city where he was born and which,...
  • Events

    «The Reality of the Imaginary» Exhibition marks 30 Years of CPS

    Begin : 05-03-2015
    End: 26-04-2015
    The exhibition «The Reality of the Imaginary» (A Realidade do Imaginário), which marks 30 years of CPS, opens on 5 march, Thursday, at 6.30 pm, simultaneously in six national museums and an emblematic Monastery in the central region of the country. It displays a selection of its editions, with a total number of around two hundred works from as...
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    Collective Exhibition of 30 Years of CPS
    Côa Museum

    Begin : 30-05-2015
    End: 09-08-2015
    As part of the celebrations of its 30 years of activity, CPS, in partnership with the Côa Museum, opens on 30th May at 6.00 pm the exhibition 1/81, which features seven editions of original graphic works and site specific installations developed by a new generation of creators allocated to the public dimension of art: Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils),...
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    The Illuminated Word: 30 years of CPS art books and albums

    An exhibition dedicated to 30 years of artist?s books and Albums by CPS entitled The Illuminated Word (A Palavra Iluminada) is opening at the António Botto Municipal Library in Abrantes, on 18 September, at 6.00 pm. This exhibition is part of the celebration of CPS?s 30th anniversary, which started with the presentation of the major exhibit: The...
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    Talking with Júlio Pomar

    On the occasion of the making of the screen print "Um Ar que lhe deu", a special edition by Júlio Pomar included in the 30 years of CPS, João Prates, CPS director, talked with the artist, deacon of the great masters of the Portuguese 20th century, at his Lisbon studio. I came across Júlio Pomar?s studio in the nineties in the context of an...
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    «The Time of Images
    Recent CPS Editions in the National Library of Portugal

    An exhibition entitled THE TIME OF IMAGES (O TEMPO DAS IMAGENS) is opening at the National Library of Portugal, on 4 February, at 6 pm, displaying some of the most recent editions of the CPS graphic work. This exhibition is the result of a protocol initiated in 2014 which establishes the donation of one copy of the editions created by CPS artists...
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    CPS receives APOM Partnership Award

    Along with the Central Regional Directorate of Culture (DRCC), CPS was distinguished with the Partnership Award for the exhibition "The Reality of the Imaginary" (A Realidade do Imaginário) that took place simultaneously in seven museums in the central region of Portugal. The exhibit, curated by Maria João Fernandes with the artistic direction of...
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    Interview with Cruzeiro Seixas

    The second CPS screen print edition, in 1985, was from Cruzeiro Seixas. Since then, we have developed a friendly collaboration with the most edited author by CPS. I confess my great affection and personal admiration for the ?Surrealism Prince?, for his idea of Liberty and for the possibility of including the Dream in each one?s precious life?s...